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Why Not a Circle, Triangle, or Square?

Wasp's nest building process begins with scraping together bits of raw wood from fences and logs. In their mouths, salvia breaks down the wood fibers producing a soft paper pulp. The nests are then built in perfect hexagon shapes ready for the wasps eggs to be laid by the queen. But why a hexagon? I think a circle would be so much easier. How about a triangle, square, or to be really exciting, a trapezoid? Like a wasp who can only can make a hexagon, is life's journey predetermined at birth? I do not pretend to know the Earth Mother's grand scheme, but I do believe she has given me the ability to make choices and sing my own song. I have the power to choose love over hate, inclusion over exclusion, and generosity over selfishness. Best of all, if I am so inclined, I think I can make some type of hexagon, but I won't put the wood in my mouth!

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