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Embracing Life's Circles

The spider's silky circle is the Earth Mother's reminder that our lives will always come back to where our journeys began. It's life's merry-go-round, perpetually spinning forward without any exit ramps along the way. Each day our lives are layered in circles. From our circle of friends, spinning wheels, talking in circles, hiding the circles under our eyes, spiral wedding rings, clocks spinning away each hour, and becoming dizzy as we dance in circles. It's a 360 degree journey, where all are mortal and all are equal. Whether we are a prince or pauper, the Earth Mother's infinite plan will always return us to where we started. We all know how the story ends so what lessons can we learn by embracing life's circles? Maybe the Earth Mother is simply reminding us that each day's goal is not merely to exist. Rather each day is a gift and we have an opportunity to honor each day with laughter, love, kindness, forgiveness, and hope. Knowing that when the circle is finally completed, there will be regrets because we have LIVED life to the fullest.

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