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Ancient Fires

Just as the ancient cave dwellers huddled near their fires for warmth...

I too have felt the comfort of wood fires burning on Eighty Acres.

And just as the cave dwellers did thousands of years ago...

I too have listened to the fires crackle, and watched the flames' shadows dance on the walls.

And just as the cave dwellers did so many years ago...

I too have sat by the warmth of the fire and dreamed of a better tomorrow.

And just as the cave dwellers felt a need to scratch charcoal drawings on the cave walls,.

I too scribble these words, hoping someone in the future will hear my voice and know that long ago, I once lived and walked softly upon Eighty Acres.

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1 comentario

18 feb

Nothing like cozy fires ... my wood fires are when we are "camping" so they are outside but I do like my fireplace at home ... but I put a gas insert in it many years ago ... much cleaner and less of a mess.. ;)

Me gusta
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