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Growing up on a 160 acre dairy farm in Northwestern Wisconsin provided me ample opportunity to connect with the land.  Our family’s livelihood depended upon the land.  From our fields we harvested corn, oats and hay for the livestock.  The large garden provided the “spuds” and vegetables that filled the mason jars which fed the family throughout the winter. The two acre strawberry patch stained my calloused hands and gave me weekend spending dollars.


Each day on the farm, the Earth Mother surrounded my existence. Over my formative years, I developed a deep appreciation for her many moods and mysteries. I believed the Earth Mother was a neutral observer in our lives.  Her intent was not to punish or reward. Rather in a nonjudgmental manner she could be gentle and beautiful or fearful and cruel.


Life on the farm was hard work and at age 18, I escaped to college.  I wanted to look “over the next hill” and experience new people and places.  My passion for the land remained, but I simply set it aside for another day.  As happens to many of us, life got in the way.  My family, education and business careers took top priority and I found myself waiting for the right time to minimize the risks and return to the land.


In 1990 the time was right. My wife Terry and our two children Aaron & Allison purchased eighty acres in Dunn County Wisconsin and moved into our new home.  Since that time, as a self-taught photographer, I have taken thousands of photos on these eighty acres.  I have felt no need to travel the world taking nature photos.  Rather, each day Eighty Acres has offered me endless opportunities to capture the spirit and voice of the land.

My hope is to share with you Eighty Acres in three ways.


Through a nature blog, I plan to describe and share with you my weekly experiences that occur on the land.  From the ever changing seasons and sunsets and wildlife, I’ll provide you with a chance to walk with me on Eighty Acres. 


Secondly, I will share my 25+ years of Eighty Acres nature photography.  Feel free to browse the Eighty Acres store and let me know if you see something you like.

Finally, I am currently working on my first Eighty Acres book entitled Thank You Sun.  It is a collection of the best sunsets taken on Eighty Acres.  I believe you will find them to be beautiful and heartwarming examples of how the Earth Mother ends so many of her days.


Thank you for visiting me.  I hope you enjoy your time on Eighty Acres,


Bruce Siebold

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