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Smoke As A Metaphor

Consider smoke as a metaphor for one's life. Whether it is smoke from a cigarette, camp fire or chimney, what begins in an orderly fashion, soon spins, twists, turns and is blown in directions we never could have predicted or thought possible. Some days smoke seems to be in a hurry to reach heaven's gates. Some days hot smoke will burn and sting your eyes. Yet on other days, as if lifted on wings, smoke moves slowly, dancing to an ancient beat as it soars in circles before it continues its upward journey. But in the end, smoke, like our own journey, is so quickly gone and simply disappears. Maybe the lesson from this metaphor is that we need to be mindful of how fragile and unpredictable life is, and therefore celebrate each day as a gift. So give yourself permission to laugh a little more, love a little more, forgive yourself a little more, listen a little more, and maybe, eat chocolate just a little more. Enjoy your journey!

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