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  • Bruce Siebold

The War!

Mention the word dandelions to someone and you will generally receive a visceral reaction. Each year homeowners spend huge amounts of time and money in an attempt to irradiate them from the face of the earth. It's a constant battle with the outcome already determined. The dandelions will win.

The dandelion puff ball pictured above carries between 50-100 individual seeds and with their parachute like design, allows the wind to carry them up to five miles away. Just imagine the number of dandelions and the amazing number of seeds floating through the air and destined to land in your beautiful manicured lawn. So...if the war is lost, let's find something positive in this story. Dandelions symbolize many things, with most meanings referring to the ability to thrive and survive in challenging conditions. Dandelions can also be used in salads, medicines, dye coloring and of course dandelion wine. Folk lore says that if you take the puff ball and blow the seeds away you will be granted one wish. I think I know what your wish would be. But my wish would be to find the beauty in each dandelion, knowing I will not win the war, but why not drink the sweet wine.

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