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  • Bruce Siebold

Outfoxing the Fox on Eighty Acres

Over the past 25 years I have seen only a fleeting glimpse of a Red Fox on Eighty Acres. Until last week! While overlooking the valley from my house windows I saw this Red Fox moving slowly and cautiously across the field. Grabbing my Canon camera I raced out, dressed only in my robe and slippers, and quietly tiptoed to the ridge of the hill. Fortunately the wind was blowing in the perfect direction so that the fox was unaware that I stood only forty yards away on the hill above him. With no time to check my camera settings I quickly clicked my first shot. Not good! Out of focus and an unnecessary flash sent light across the valley.

When the Fox turned his head away from me I adjusted the camera settings and prayed I hadn’t blown the opportunity. Slowly the Fox began to move parallel to me and then for some unknown reason turned and slowly walked directly at me! Thirty yards. Twenty yards. Ten yards. My camera was now clicking six pictures a second. Still he came directly at me. Twenty feet. Ten feet. While I tried to hold the camera steady, the Fox finally bolted to my right and quickly disappeared behind a Pine tree. Wow! Over in a matter of seconds. I finally got the shot I had been looking for. It’s the day I outfoxed the Fox. Or maybe the day I just got lucky on Eighty Acres.

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