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Sharing The Land

Each morning for several days this gray fox greeted me as I placed my bird feeders out for the day. She would stand near the edge of the woods and yip at me, boldly informing me that this was her home to please stay clear. Attempting to mimic her voice I would yip back, letting her know that I was a friendly neighbor and completely happy with sharing Eighty Acres.

Generally a gray fox is a shy and reclusive animal, so I felt fortunate to have shared so many mornings with her. And did you know that a gray fox has retractable cat-like claws that allow them to climb trees? This was the last morning the gray fox visited me and she seemed to be posing for the camera. For a brief moment our eyes met, we said good-bye, and then departed our separate ways. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. Maybe not. Or maybe she is content with sharing the land. Simply resting high in a tree, watching me from above as I stroll the well worn trails on Eighty Acres.

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