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When The Spots Fade Away

Born in May on Eighty Acres, these twin fawns weighed only 6-8 pounds but within one hour were able to stand on their trembling and wobbly legs. Today they are frequent visitors to our yard and we enjoy watching their endless energy and playfulness. Under the watchful eye of mom, they race across the yard, play tag, jump straight up in the air, and perform some amazing dance moves as they spin, twist and twirl. Soon Fall will be here and the 300 spots that once camouflaged them so well will slowly fade away. They will be adults and soon be on their own. Food to find. Predators too avoid, Storing body fat for the cold winter months ahead. As you grow older and your youthful spots fade away I have some advice for you. First. Don't ever forget those carefree summer days with mom. Remember that no matter how busy you are, take the time to enjoy the earth. And finally. Never forget how to dance.

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