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Under The Lupines

Spreading an old cotton blanket on the ground, we lay among the prairie lupine flowers. Arms crossed behind our heads. we watch as cotton-like clouds march slowly across the sky. We play our childhood game of seeing animals and faces in the cloud formations. We laugh at our silly images, but inwardly wonder why we ever stopped playing this game? Around us, the spire-like lupine are gently swaying in the soft breeze. Bumblebees buzz and search for nectar. A ruby throated hummingbird flashes by our heads. A monarch butterfly dances across the lupine, and just for a moment gently settles upon my leg. We hold hands. Few words need to be spoken. A sense of tranquility fills our souls and we become mindful of these special moments of peace But life's obligations are calling us back home. Reluctantly we stand, fold the blanket and slowly begin our journey home.

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