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The Last Load

The Kubota tractor's engine was straining as it pulled the heavy load of firewood back home. For over thirty years family and friends have gathered on Eighty Acres each October to split, haul and stack loads of dried fire wood to keep the wood stove burning. But today was to be the last Wood Day. It's been a good run. but now after seven decades of my life, it is time for much younger and stronger arms and backs to do the heavy lifting. Time to realize that growing older requires adjustments, changes and the beginning of a exciting new journey in one's life. Time to park the wood trailer, place the chainsaw on the shelf, and say goodbye to the wood splitter. Time to feel grateful, remember all the joy and laughter of Wood Day. Time to say thank you to the Earth Mother for her gift of firewood that has kept me warm and strong for over thirty years.

Time for the last load.

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1 Comment

Nov 28, 2023

I suppose we all reach the point when "manual" chores become a bit difficult. Perhaps get a John Deere and take naps between the chores might help. 😂

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