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My "To Do" List

My days are often busy. Each day's schedule is filled with events, obligations, and often times a very long "to do" list. Yes, I must admit, I do receive some satisfaction as I check the box for a completed project. But decades ago I made a promise to myself that my "to do" list would also include being mindful of the Earth Mother's beauty and the many gifts she gives me each day. Someday, when my final chapter is being written, what memories will I have about my busy life? Will I remember seeing a thousand beautiful sunsets? Those special moments sitting on my front porch listening to the distant thunder and smelling the summer rain? Sunny days when I stopped what I was doing to watch a monarch butterfly dancing atop the brightly colored coneflowers and dahlias? Or will my final thoughts return to the day I did a really great job of sweeping the garage floor? I think I know the answer.

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