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My Bittersweet Prayer

Nestled within the Eighty Acres fence line grows the bittersweet vine. It's hanging globe shaped clusters of scarlet seeds are a favorite for fall and winter flower arrangements, as well as food for the bluejays and chickadees. But just like so many moments in our lives, the bitteesweet vine represents a world of contradictions. The puzzle of why bittersweet is such a beautiful vine but poisonous to humans. The irony of bittersweet, whose twining woody vine looking for support will twist around nearby trees, only to strangle them. In a similar fashion, why did the Earth Mother give us the fragrance of the rose, yet the bite of it's thorns? The beauty of a sunset, yet knowing this day is forever gone. The joy of saying hello to people you love, yet knowing in your heart there will always be goodbyes. How do we explain the riddles of this bittersweet world? To ignore the bitter and celebrate the sweet? I confess. I do not have an easy answer. Only a prayer, that as my last breath is near, I will be remembering the times you were holding my hand and in my ear whispering "I love you."

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