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Moon Over St. Katherine's Lutheran Church

St. Katherine's Lutheran church with its hillside graveyard, sits about one mile away from Eighty Acres. During my walks near the eastern edge of my property, I have seen it often, and wondered what stories and secrets this quaint church had to tell. This past August, the sturgeon moon rose, announcing the final days of the summer season. As the moon climbed above the horizon, its soft light touched the church's freshly painted white walls and cross that sits atop the steeple. The moon light peeked through the stain glassed windows, casting shadows on the empty pews and unopened hymnals. Over the gravestones the moon softly lit the names of the silent sleeping parishioners But on this night, St. Katherine's church, nor the sturgeon moon shared their stories with me. No secrets to reveal. No wisdom to pass on. No mysteries explained. Just the Earth Mother's moon on her journey home, ever so briefly slipping quietly over St. Katherines's rooftop.

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