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Gobble Gobble

Its mating season and the turkeys are on the move across Eighty Acres. As this Tom passed by my photo blind, it brought back memories of the many Thanksgiving turkey meals we have enjoyed. But the more I reflected, I realized that beside Thanksgiving day, turkeys have become a major part of our daily lives in a variety of ways. For example, we now have turkey ham, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey bologna, turkey meatballs and turkey hot dishes. But don't forget about the rag time turkey trot dance, and the annual presidential turkey pardon. I have sipped Wild Turkey whiskey and once or twice, even been called a turkey. Was that a compliment? Maybe Benjamin Franklin was right and this noble bird should have been selected as our national symbol. Well, think about it. Just one more critical issue for us to ponder today. Gobble. Gobble!

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