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Eagle's Spirit Soaring

The bald eagle was a frequent visitor to Eighty Acres. With a six foot wing span it effortlessly floated upon the wind currents seldom flapping its giant wings. It often sat in a dead oak tree near the eastern boundary of Eighty Acres. There it perched for hours, forever patience yet always alert, surveying the land for opportunities.

This past week I found the eagle lying under the oak tree. Why or how it died I will never know. No signs of injury, it was as if the eagle was simply resting in a quiet and peaceful state. With great reverence I took a few photos and then returned it to the land in a grave of soil and stone. The Earth Mother's circle of life was now complete and I was reminded that even the most powerful, most honorable and most grand will someday die. But as I slowly walked away my heart was comforted knowing that the eagle's spirit is strong, and soon it will once again be soaring on the winds, high above Eighty Acres.

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