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Buried Treasure

I have now lived on Eighty Acres for over thirty years and each spring some new treasure seems to surface upon the land. Over the years the list of treasures include... a weather balloon, a rusty roll of barbed wire, a shovel, a loggers chain, tires and numerous pieces of antique farm equipment. But this year, nestled under the oak leaves, I discovered the edge of a buried carpet! My heart raced as I speculated as to its origin. Was there something valuable inside? What if it contained a skeleton? Should I call the police to assist in the recovery? But I decided to proceed with the excavation and fearlessly moved ahead. After thirty minutes of pulling and tugging I unearthed a most beautiful rug. What story did this carpet want to share with me? Maybe it was a Persian rug used in an ancient civilization's elegant palace ceremonies. Maybe this was an alien landing site and this carpet was left behind when the spaceship departed. Maybe my bride wanted it for our hallway entry? Maybe I could sell it for big bucks on e-bay? But after all this fantasy and speculation, I knew in my heart, I needed to roll up this priceless magic carpet, and simply drop it in the dumpster.

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