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Being A Red Head

Red bellied woodpeckers are year-long residents on Eighty Acres and each time I see one, I feel we are kindred spirits due to the red crowns we wear. But in my life, I have found challenges to being a red head. In my school days I acquired several nicknames like... red, carrot top, freckles, and there were suggestions that not only did I have a trigger temper, but that my mother was the comic Lucille Ball. I peeled and shed so many layers of skin, at times I wondered if I was related to some kind of snake.

Even now, outdoor swimming is another challenge. I have to slobber so much sun screen lotion on my white skin, I create an oil slick as I move through the water. Sun bathing consists of wrapping myself up like an Egyptian mummy with just my eyes peering out. But today I am so much more confident about my hair color. I might even be related to Prince Harry? So the time has come for me to remove my cap, and begin growing my beautiful ginger locks even longer.

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