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A Walk On Eighty Acres

I call him RT. A long time friend and together we often walk the trails and prairies of Eighty Acres. Our walks are quiet. No need for idle chatter or attempts to impress each other with our knowledge of the land. Only the sound of our footsteps softly touching the land and our sturdy walking sticks guiding the way. No need to hurry. Rather the pace is slow, sometimes lingering, sometimes standing perfectly still, listening, mindful, hoping this ancient land will share her stories with us. But as always, each walk ends too soon. Life's commitments schedules, and responsibilities are calling us from afar. We depart the land knowing that our lives will soon return to a world of concrete, ringing cell phones, political confusion, and people who believe they will only be heard if they speak the loudest. But for now, we have found a few moments of peace, We say our farewells and as we depart, whisper our silent prayers of thankfulness to the Earth Mother.

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