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  • Bruce Siebold

Bluebirds Return To Eighty Acres

Each year around April 1st the Earth Mother sends her Eastern Bluebirds back to Eighty Acres where ten Bluebird box nests await their arrival. Immediately the bird battles begin. Bluebirds, Wrens, Sparrows and Swallows all vie for the same property! There are no guarantees who will win the wars, but enough Bluebirds succeed each year to make their home on Eighty Acres.

An ample food supply awaits the Bluebirds on Eighty Acres. Elderberries and a wide variety of insects keep them well fed throughout their stay during the Summer. Their nests will have 2-7 pale blue eggs and they generally have 1-3 broods each Summer.

The Bluebirds are a sure sign of Spring. Welcome back to Eighty Acres!

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