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  • Bruce Siebold

From South America to Eighty Acres

It's a long trip from Northern South America, but this week the Scarlet Tanager finally arrived back to Eighty Acres. The bird is stunning with a blood red body and deep black wings. Lucky for me it stopped by the feeder for a quick snack and drink of water and then it was gone. I seldom see the bird in the Summer because it spends most of its time high in the forest canopy. Its main concern throughout the season is the Brown Headed Cowbird. The crafty Cowbird raids the Scarlet Tanager's nest, removes the eggs, and replaces them with their own. Unable to tell the difference between the eggs, the Tanager hatches and feeds the baby Cowbirds until they leave the nest. Welcome back Scarlet Tanager and watch out for the Cowbirds!

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