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When The Lilacs Bloom

Born under the lilac tree, the fawn's first smells were the fragrances from purple lilacs, yellow dandelions and green grass. The exhausted mother lay down beside her and ever so gently licked the fawn dry. Eager to try out her new legs, the fawn struggled to stand. On tottering legs it swayed and fell to the ground in a most ungraceful manner. But the fawn would not accept defeat, and with child-like determination attempted to stand again, again and again. Finally... gaining some sense of balance on her wobbly legs she proudly stood and seemed to say "look at me."

Welcome to Eighty Acres my friend. I hope each day the Earth Mother will protect you as you grow stronger and that our paths will cross often. I hope together we will share the joy and beauty of this special place called Eighty Acres. Finally, I hope each year when the lilacs bloom and their sweet fragrance fills the air, you will recall the wonderful spring day you were born.

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