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Memories Of The Season

Each fall season brings a feeling of anticipation and change to Eighty Acres. There is a mood in the air of excitement and that something big, wonderful and beautiful is about to happen. Today my spirit tree dressed in her finest clothes. A kaleidoscope of color. Atop her head she wore a crown of gold. Tomorrow her clothes will fall, as each leaf celebrates it's final journey by swirling, tumbling and dancing in the soft breezes to the earth below. Then the little boy in me will playfully shuffle, kick. and crunch through the deep golden carpet of leaves. Soon the temps will fall. Bitter winds will bite my cheeks. The Earth Mother will sleep under a white blanket of snow. Another season has passed. Yet I sing a song of joy knowing that in the cold and dark days ahead, I will be warmed by the memories of this special season.

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