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  • Bruce Siebold

Metamorphosis On Eighty Acres

Each year Eighty Acres experiences the magic and mystery of the the Monarch Butterfly's transformation from a tiny egg to a dancing butterfly. The caterpillar or larva stage pictured above is a true eating machine. It eats milkweed leaves for several days before spinning into a Pupa. Within two weeks the adult monarch wiggles free and after two hours of figuring out what these things called wings are for, begins its search for sweet nectar. Due to a decreasing supply of milkweed, the Monarch population has declined in recent years. On Eighty Acres we now mow around the milkweed and even plant milkweed in our flower gardens. Experience your own metamorphosis in your backyard. Plant some milkweed and see the beautiful magic of the Earth Mother unfold.

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